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Performed by Many Minds members

Directed by Carlota Matos

BSL interpreted by Angela Dawes

For 10 weeks, we have come together to explore our connection to Bristol and show you the city through our eyes. Enter our memories as we transport you through the places we inhabit, and help us imagine a better future. Expect playfulness, improvisation and creative surprises. The performance will invite you to reflect on current issues, accessibility and our own sense of belonging.

This is a relaxed performance and audience members are welcome to move around throughout. There is a breakout space available should you need to take a break at any point.

Many Minds are a Bristol-based charity that facilitates creative spaces, performances, and workshops for and by people with experience of mental ill-health.

Content guidance:
Mentions of alcohol consumption, loss and recovery

Audience feedback: 

Beautifully facilitated. Wonderful, honest performances

Loved it, felt both intimate and open at the same time.

Friendly, heartwarming interaction

Many Minds © Alastair Brookes

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